A downloadable gun

Shoot the enemies and survive as long as you can! Left click to shoot/move, P to pause, F to full screen, and M to go to menu! Also click the volume button to turn off the music while the game!

One N' Gun is an infinite round game where you use the recoil of your shotgun to move. As the rounds move on the difficulty increases, it starts simple, then it becomes a bullet hell game that doesn't wait for you to clear the map! Try to get to the highest round without dying to the other guns that follow you around! Be the last and only weapon standing!

This game was made for Wonder jam #1

The idea of this game was based around the theme one weapon. I thought it would be a good idea to include a gun (since it is a weapon). I also thought about movement and finally ended up with this game.

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OneNGun.zip 18 MB
OneNGUNMAC.zip 12 MB

Install instructions


windows defender will pop up but this is an error with the engine and this is not malware

if it does show up then just skip it or if it says to not run the application click more info and click run anyways.

if you need proof that this is not malware (just incase because I understand if there is worry) then contact me on discord or through email (disc Oxolotl#2020 / email oxolotlpersonal@gmail.com)

Development log

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