A downloadable game

W A S D to move

SPACE to throw rock pellet direction of pointer

Dodge the enemies and fight them with your rock pellets. Eventually a boss will spawn and you will have to fight him to continue the game.

Igneuos is a game based on fighting and dodging enemies on a small platform. This game is similar to the popular Mario Party Game, Dodge Bomb. This game also has many unique traits including the main character being very goofy-looking even though the bosses and enemies are demons or lava monsters. Another unique thing in this game is the hard game play which is very difficult to get good at. Lastly there is  a unique story line which is very well thought and well written. Also Igneous is spelt wrong. Hope you like the game!


Igneous.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading! If you are on a windows computer either extract the ZIP file or simply go into the file, into bin, and then click on Igneuos.exe

If you are on mac do something similar by going into the file and finding Igneuos.exe

No one has beat this game yet! It could be you!

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